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CIS 1068 - Program Design And Abstraction

College: Pennsylvania > Temple University > Computer Science

Professor: John Fiore
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Professor: John Fiore      Course Date: Fall 2013      Source:       Recommend Course: No

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 Easy to get good grades in class:(1)
 Helpful inside and outside of class:1
 Professor's knowledge of the subject:10
 Overall Personality (e.g. easy going):5
 Teaching & explaining course material:1
Submitted On: 10/26/2013

The course text is titled Intro to Java programming. The course is anything but an Intro course. If you have not had C programming, and or prior experience with java programming, you will most likely fail. The workload is heavy. Weekly assignments get progressively harder, and are not covered by the text. The lecture presentation is poor, and insufficient to teach the student what is needed to solve the assignment problems. Lastly, the quizzes and mid-term tests have problems that you have never encountered in class or the text book. You will have no idea how to solve them, but must create a small program by hand on paper to solve the problem. They are the majority of the test points, so if you miss it, you will bomb the quiz or test. The professor and TA do not answer your questions directly. You ask them how to do something, they tell you what you already know - what you want to do, but they will never give or show you actual code that tells you how to do something. They also will not show you the correct answers to weekly assignments, so you will never know what was the better or best way to solve the problem. The peer tutors are useless, as is the prof and TA. You will be left to your own to teach yourself Java. Avoid the CIS department at Temple all together. Most students confirm the teachers suck, the classes are poorly taught, and the college itself has not has a Dean in about 4 years. It's a chicken without a head.

Grade: Dropped       Material Learnt: Average      Textbook Used: A Lot