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GEO 1103 - Introduction To Earth Systems

College: Texas > University of Texas - San Antonio > Geology

Professor: Amy Clark
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Rating (out of 10):     Overall: 8.8     Easiness: 8     Helpfulness: 10     Subject Knowledge: 8     Personality: 9     Teaching/Explaining: 8              

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Professor: Amy Clark      Course Date: Spring 2012      Source:       Recommend Course: Yes

Course Rating (1 - Bad to 10 - Excellent)

 Easy to get good grades in class:(8)
 Helpful inside and outside of class:10
 Professor's knowledge of the subject:8
 Overall Personality (e.g. easy going):9
 Teaching & explaining course material:8
Submitted On: 10/10/2012

Prof. Clark is a great professor, and this class is VERY easy if you attend class every day and take notes. She often hints what will be on the test, and reviews for every test the class before test day. Reading for each lecture isn't necessary if you attend class and take notes. She also gives 4 quizzes throughout the semester, all take home quizzes. 75% of the final exam are questions straight from the first 3 tests. Easy A, highly recommended!