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MAT 1023 - College Algebra With Applications

College: Texas > University of Texas - San Antonio > Mathematics

Professor: Andrea Cordaway
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Rating (out of 10):     Overall: 10     Easiness: 6     Helpfulness: 10     Subject Knowledge: 10     Personality: 10     Teaching/Explaining: 10              

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Professor: Andrea Cordaway      Course Date: Fall 2012      Source: I took this course      Recommend Course: Yes

Course Rating (1 - Bad to 10 - Excellent)

 Easy to get good grades in class:(6)
 Helpful inside and outside of class:10
 Professor's knowledge of the subject:10
 Overall Personality (e.g. easy going):10
 Teaching & explaining course material:10
Submitted On: 10/10/2012

Ms. Cordaway is truly an AMAZING TEACHER. She has changed my life. If you have ever struggled with math like i have, PLEASE take her. She will go out of her way to make sure you get the help you need. She's not only a great teacher, but an amazing human being. If she could read this, all i would say is THANK YOU!

Material Learnt: A Lot