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Elora Hwll

City University of New York  (New York)


University of California - Los Angeles  (California)


New York University  (New York)

Zach Munns

University of Wisconsin - Madison  (Wisconsin)

Megan Johnson

Arizona State University  (Arizona)

Tyler Strikland

University of Michigan - Dearborn  (Michigan)

Amanda Schweizer

Pennsylvania State University - University Park (main campus)  (Pennsylvania)

Emily Sheets

University of Missouri - Columbia  (Missouri)

Charis Pannell

University of Maryland - College Park  (Maryland)

Katie Lewis

Loyola Marymount University  (California)


University of Nebraska - Lincoln  (Nebraska)

Gabriela Maduro

University of Central Florida  (Florida)

Delaney Worth

Bucknell University  (Pennsylvania)

Ali Huerta

Pennsylvania State University - University Park (main campus)  (Pennsylvania)

Eurie Kim

University of California - Davis  (California)

James Anderson

University of Nevada - Las Vegas  (Nevada)

Roberto Thomas

University of Virginia  (Virginia)

Natalie Joelle

Fordham University  (New York)

Jenny Furman

Fordham University  (New York)

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