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Hilary Yuen

California State University - Sacramento  (California)

Ashley Trinidad

University of South Florida  (Florida)

Nick Gomes

California State University - Fullerton  (California)

Tyler Webb

Eastern Kentucky University  (Kentucky)

Desiree Ann

University of Nebraska - Lincoln  (Nebraska)

Megan Paquin

Syracuse University  (New York)

Cr Ge

California State University - Stanislaus  (California)

John Smith

Miami University  (Ohio)

Kaitlin Dietz

University of California - Davis  (California)

Kyle Broadright

Point Park University  (Pennsylvania)

Bob Morley

Arizona State University  (Arizona)

Sam Korn

University of Pennsylvania  (Pennsylvania)

Richard Montigny

California State University - Chico  (California)

Richard Montigny

California State University - Chico  (California)

Carli Smith

University of Texas - Austin  (Texas)

Mark Samar

Miami University  (Ohio)


Indiana University of Pennsylvania  (Pennsylvania)

Milton Lara

California State University - Long Beach  (California)

Skyler Marquis

Iowa State University  (Iowa)


University of Northern Colorado  (Colorado)

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