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Shawn Leiberman

University of Maryland - University College  (Maryland)

Cory Brickman

Ohio State University - Columbus  (Ohio)

Kortney Mezera

University of Iowa  (Iowa)

Cameron Segal

Trident Technical College  (South Carolina)

Kaylee C. Brown

Brigham Young University  (Utah)

Jose Flores

City University of New York  (New York)

Jose Flores

City University of New York  (New York)

Rachel Mcd

California Baptist University  (California)

Blake Capello

Louisiana State University System  (Louisiana)

Jade Dale

University of North Carolina - Asheville  (North Carolina)

Allison Barth

Wilkes University  (Pennsylvania)

Eleanor Silverstein

Boston University  (Massachusetts)

Jacques Vanier

California State University - Chico  (California)

Erin Kahn

University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa  (Alabama)

Mike Thomas

Baker College  (Michigan)

Caroline Yixiao Cao

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities  (Minnesota)

Hoang Nguyen

Messiah College  (Pennsylvania)

Ciara Chase

University of New Hampshire  (New Hampshire)

Lo Reinhardt

University of Wisconsin - Madison  (Wisconsin)

Erin Bunce

Iowa State University  (Iowa)

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