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Alexandra Hollander

University of South Florida  (Florida)

Jenna Mckenna

Arizona State University  (Arizona)

Kathy Rhein

Missouri State University  (Missouri)

Alexandra Brown

California State University - San Diego State University  (California)

Alyssa Devine

Indiana University - Purdue University at Indianapolis  (Indiana)

Mike Dehner

Bowling Green State University  (Ohio)

Hailee Settle

Texas Christian University  (Texas)

Jessica Verdun

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee  (Wisconsin)

Glenn Vandagriff

University of Tennessee - Knoxville  (Tennessee)

Zainab Al Tarouti

University of Arizona  (Arizona)

Veronica Nelson

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities  (Minnesota)

Kayla Sanchez

Georgia Southern University  (Georgia)


Northern Virginia Community College  (Virginia)

Brittaynay Vaal

Purdue University  (Indiana)

Bob Dobalina

University of South Florida  (Florida)

Mariah Sanders

Mississippi State University  (Mississippi)

Sarah S

Iowa State University  (Iowa)

Brittany Starliper

University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa  (Alabama)


Cornell University  (New York)

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