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Things Not To Say (by guys) During Childbirth.... Hilary 11608By Priyanka on 01/09/12
Heineken commercial Maddy 01984By Maddy on 01/08/12
More Jokes Maddy 11877By Maddy on 01/07/12
The Matrix: Now runs on Windows Xp Jake 12101By Maddy on 01/06/12
Brain Teaser 2 Maddy 12277By Maddy on 01/06/12
Brainteaser Maddy 11903By Maddy on 01/06/12
Professional Test 2 Maddy 11875By Maddy on 01/06/12
What is a guy thinking? Jake 01782By Jake on 01/06/12
Internet Party Jake 01691By Jake on 01/05/12
The things that shows you're a New Yorker.... Jake 01635By Jake on 01/05/12
Guide To Converting To Metrics Maddy 01921By Maddy on 01/05/12
Professional Test Maddy 01861By Maddy on 01/05/12
Army Jokes John 61662By John on 01/04/12
You are beautiful Hilary 01647By Hilary on 01/03/12
Computer Programming 101 Maddy 02027By Maddy on 01/03/12
Change Course Of Your Ship John 01694By John on 01/01/12
Ad: We Sell More Seats Than The Governor Priyanka 01648By Priyanka on 01/01/12
Can EBAYer's be that dumb? Priyanka 01753By Priyanka on 01/01/12
How to Help Pick a Baby Name Jake 0580By Jake on 01/01/12

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