Get Started @ CelebCampus

This page gives a brief overview of features and functionalities on CelebCampus:

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  • Browse CelebCampus Profiles - Browse profiles of registered members and find new or old friends.
  • Browse Dating Profiles - Find your ideal date or an activity partner.
  • Browse Rate My Course - Browse ratings of various courses in over 2000 colleges.
  • Browse Items - View items or services listed (as wanted or) for sale.
  • Browse Housing - View apartment listings. You can filter by specific state or college.
  • Browse Forums - Browse nearly 40 different forum topics on various categories.
  • Play Games - Play tons of addictive games and see if you can beat global high score.
  • Watch TV & Movies - Watch old and new tv shows, full movies and hottest music videos.
  • Local Campus - Find out local events, view tv guide listings and news feeds around the world
  • Forgot Password - If you forget your password, you can either reset it online or have a new secure password sent to your college email address.
  • News & Widgets - Get all your news feed, weather, messages, etc in one page. Drag & drop, collapse/expand or delete widgets, all of these in one page.
  • Invite Friends - Send an email inviting your friends to this site.
  • Login - Login to CelebCampus. To prevents hackers from gaining access, your account will be locked after many continous incorrect login attempts.
  • Register - Register on CelebCampus. It is absolutely free for college students.
  • Send Verification Email - If you have not received your verification email when you registered, you can request the system to send one again.

Status: Logged In
  • List Item - Do you have any items lying around that you want to sell or barter or buy? Or any services that you can offer (wash cars, paint house, tutor students, etc)? You can list it here (upto 30 items at a time).
  • List Housing Apt - List apartment/housing ad with tons of options to choose from to find your ideal roommate.
  • Post In Forum - Discuss, debate or ask questions in nearly 40 forum topics.
  • Rate a Course - Post ratings on professors and courses you took in college.
  • Edit Widgets - From this page, you can select which all widgets you would like to view often (news feed from various sources, weather, task list, etc)
  • Change (Friends) Group - You can place friends in different groups. Your friends wont know which group you have placed them in.
  • Delete Friend - You can remove people from your friends list. Your friend will not be notified when you removed them from your friends list.
  • Block Users - You can either block, unblock or view users curently blocked.
  • Change Password - Change your CelebCampus password. Note: You will be required to provide your durrent password as security measure.
  • Change Security Q&A - You can change your security question and answer (Q&A) here. Security Q&A is used to chnage your password. Hence please ensure the answer is hard to guess.
  • Send Message or Poke - Send private message and (super) pokes to your friends or other people.
  • My Wall - You can view or write on anyone's wall (if they have not restricted access). Just click the wall tab on their personal profile page.
  • My Blog - You can view or write on anyone's blog. Just click the blog tab on your profile page.
  • My Messages - This is the place where you receive private messages, pokes, friend requests, etc. Keep checking this page regularly.
  • My CelebCampus Profile - From this page, you can edit your personal information: change pic, update mood, update current status, update activity feed, likes and dislikes, view your wall, view friends and view groups you have joined.
  • My Dating Profile - From this page, you can update your dating profile
  • My Settings - In this page you can set your privacy settings; such as who can view your profile and each tabs (e.g. wall, friends, activity feed) within it, set timezone, select what gets added to activity feed, etc. For clarity, this page has two tabs in it.
  • My Items - This page helps you manage (show/hide, delete, relist) items that you have listed (as wanted or) for sale.
  • My Apts - This page helps you manage (show/hide, delete, relist) your apartment listing. Also includes the first 10 apartment listing that you have added to MyFavs.
  • Add2Fav - You can bookmark any page in this site or any other website. Just click on the Add2Fav link located at the top of every page and select the category to save it under.
  • My Favs - Once you have bookmarked pages using Add2Fav link, you can view or delete them here.
  • My Forum Posts - This page lists all forum posts you have either started or replied to. Also includes the number of replies and thread views in each topic.
  • Add Friends - To add a friend, simply go their profile page and click on "Add as friends" link to send them a message. Once they accept your invite, you both will automatically see each other's name in friends tab.
  • My Friends - List of all your friends, sorted by the groups they are in. Also includes any pending friend(s) request. Tip: You can also view your friends list by clicking on friend's tab from your profile page.

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